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Autor: Mgr. Jan Novák, 4. května 2021

How does physiotherapy work in Fyzio Svět?

The reception is a core of Fyzio svět and first point of contact for you. The whole treatment starts here with our experienced receptionist who will choose the right physiotherapist for your needs. We are doing our best to book you as soon as possible where with acute cases it could be even within a few hours from your call.

Clinic’s new location on Cechova street, Letná, is just a few steps away from the famous park Stromovka. Here our physiotherapists have enough time to give you the best care in a beautiful surroundings. Initial assessment usually includes detailed health history check and manual testing to help with the evaluation of the physical condition of your body. This will be followed by treatment which in Fyzio svět is a combination of manual techniques, kinesiology taping and in individual cases shock wave therapy. Physio sessions are an hour long and at the end of each we will advise you how to manage your problem and give you simple exercises to follow at home.

Should I take any medical reports with me?

Yes. If you have done any examinations, take all the results and doctor’s reports with you, it will help us to act more precisely.

Does physiotherapy hurt?

Physiotherapy should not cause any significant pain, however because of the fact, that sometimes we will work with chronic discomfort or freshly injured areas, therapy can be challenging for the patient. But don’t be afraid, our physiotherapists are constantly communicating with you so if treatment becomes unpleasant, they can always change approach or adjust technique.

Do I have to undress for the physiotherapy?

To have a better look at the areas of concern, assess ROM and muscle tension and to better understand compensation patterns in your body, with your consent, you may be asked to remove some of clothing. Although advisable, it is not a must. If for any reasons, personal or religious, you are unhappy to do so, wearing sports wear may be a good compromise.

How many physiotherapy sessions is it good to have?

Common number of visits in Fyzio svět is 3-5 and it depends on the type of the injury, patient’s condition and ability to cooperate. However it is not unusual to help you within just one or two sessions.

Is it difficult to study physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy courses are available at Medical and Sport faculties at our Universities and you can graduate with either a Bsc or Msc degree. To become PhDr. or PhD. additional academic work at University is required. During course students learn how to work with many conditions affecting both children and adults. It is crucial that physiotherapists are able to present great knowledge and skills working with death threatening conditions as well as with top athletes in their road to the gold medals. After graduation the spectrum of diagnosis physiotherapists will deal with depends on where an individual will work. In Fyzio svět we are specializing with musculoskeletal injuries, overload from work and with post surgical care.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

  • Pain management with reduced painkillers consumption
  • Painless movement
  • Improvement of the muscle flexibility and agility
  • Avoidance of the surgical treatments
  • Prevention of injuries and unilateral load compensations

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Public transport: The nearest stop Letenské náměstí is easily accessible by tram from the metro stations Hradčanská (A) and Vltavská (C).
By car: Free 2h parking available in the newly opened Stromovka shopping center (10 minutes walk) or use the purple zones on Nad Královskou Oborou street (pay at the local parking machines).

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