300 possible causes, one solution.
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Headache treatment.


Do you suffer from headaches located in different areas of Your head i.e forehead, temples or back of the head? Tension and overload of the cervical spine and temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint) are the most common causes of headaches.Treating these areas can lead to permanent pain relief. Sometimes problems can have simple solutions such as neck trigger point therapy, posture adjustments or tension release of the TMJ muscles. We are one of the few physiotherapy clinics who have great experience in TMJ therapy, which increases chances for successful treatment of headaches. Headaches are what we specialise in. 

Find the right cause.

300 possible causes, one solution.

According to Western medicine, it could be as much as 300 possible reasons for pain. Our job is to find one. Neurologists and ENT specialists from Homolka Hospital are helping us to achieve that thanks to close cooperation.

People often suffer from headaches for many years without even finding the reason for their struggles. They are forced to accept life with discomfort. Chronic pain is so debilitating, that for many of our patients the only way to live normally, is to take pain killers constantly. However, this is not a good practice for the rest of your life. Finding the right cause is the first necessary step in choosing the best possible treatment and achieving everlasting pain relief *. Once it is defined correctly, there is often a solution.

Tinnitus treatment.

One of the most disturbing problems.

About 10% of the population suffers from it. In most cases, the problem is ignored over time and marked as unsolvable. We know how exhausting life can be with buzzing or whistling in your ears. It can often be a reason for people to quit their jobs and relationships and can also lead to serious mental health problems.

Tinnitus has several causes that can be solved by physiotherapy*! Cervical spine or jaw joint disorders are one of them. At Fyzio svět we specialize in both.

Our experts will tell you if the cause of tinnitus is reversible, and if so, they will help you return to normal life.

* Treatment outcome depends on the patient's individual predispositions, we cannot guarantee the results. We will do our best for a successful treatment.

Other Services.

Back pain.

Acute or chronic back pain, spinal movement restrictions, SI joint dysfunctions and Pelvic Girdle Pain, shooting or radiating pain running down to legs, intervertebral disc disorders (bulging, protruding, extruding)
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TMJ Disorders.

Pain, cracking, movement restrictions, asymmetry, tinnitus, bruxism.
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Gynecology and obstetrics.

Prenatal care and preparation for childbirth, pregnancy and postpartum care, diastasis, painful menstruation, infertility, coccyx pain and pelvic floor disorders.
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Heel spur, tennis elbow, calcifications, chronic joint pain, muscles and tendons, trigger point release.
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Sports physiotherapy.

Treatment after injury or surgery, compensation excercises, individual care for young talented athletes.
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